The high-income city state Singapore has maintained exemplary economic performance as one of the best investment destinations in the world. Local family foundations are pushing the boundaries in grant-making, while the country has become a hub for international impact funds.

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Social Investment Landscape in Singapore

Singapore is fast emerging as Asia's new social innovation hub, driven by government support and a vibrant ecosystem. The proliferation of capacity builders, networks and platforms and a highly engaged corporate sector are strengthening the country's social economy. Download the report to access Singapore's social investment landscape.

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Singapore Landscape Report

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The study explores the diverse landscape and ecosystem that have developed since the first known social enterprises appeared in Singapore almost 90 years ago.

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This Singaporean country analysis is part of a series on the social entrepreneurship and social innovation ecosystems in Asia countries including China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines.

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Jeslyn Soh By Jeslyn Soh

Identifying gaps in serving the needs of the elderly, and share how philanthropists and impact investors can fill these gaps.

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Kelly Yen By Kelly Yen

Tech For Good, an organization that empowers and invests in entrepreneurs in technology to solve social issues and its latest venture in Singapore.

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February 4, 2016

Harnessing governments for social innovation in Asia

Governments are not typically the organisations that one thinks of when associating with innovation. When we think of social issues, it is hard not to relate solutions, treatments and responsibility back to governments, no matter the extent of social welfare undertaken by that particular government. Social problems exist at scale evidently because the existing help and assistance given do not work. In many situations, what is required is innovation to change the current way that things work. Unfortunately, expecting a behemoth organisation like government body to turn on its wheels to change and innovate internally is usually extremely difficult, if not, near impossible.

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November 16, 2015

Launch of the 2015 Asia-Pacific Alternative Finance Benchmarking Survey

Tuesday 10th November 2015 Ground breaking survey to focus on rapid rise of Alternative Finance across Asia Pacific A number of the world’s leading universities have joined forces to survey the size and potential economic impact of the rapidly expanding alternative finance sector in the Asia Pacific Region. The 2015 Asia-Pacific Alternative Finance Benchmarking Survey […]

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Eric Savage

Co-Founder and CEO Unitus Capital