Deal Share FAQ

The DSP is an AVPN members-only portal that showcases recommended social purpose organizations and streamlines collaboration and communication about past, present and future funding opportunities.  Our members can make a difference by working together to create a funding and resource pipeline for the social purpose organisations, as well as to co-invest with other trusted members.

Explore more deals or list now by completing this form. For non-members, please click here to learn about AVPN membership.

1. How does the Deal Share Platform work?

Members can use the platform in two ways:

  • List an SPO that you have supported previously or are currently supporting to help them receive additional support.
  • Search for SPO’s that have been recommended by other AVPN Members to become active in new projects for your organisation.

To Search for an SPO, you can use the filters at the top of the page to sort by Region, Beneficiary, or Social Sector.

Contact if you have active campaigns/programmes to identify good projects to support in.

2. What is an SPO?

Social purpose organisations ​include non-profit organisations (NPOs), non-governmental organisations (NGOs), charities and social enterprises (SEs)​ that interact directly with ​beneficiaries and whose primary objective is to deliver social impact.

3. Types of Support

AVPN members fund across the spectrum from non-profit organisations to social enterprises and provide financial, human and intellectual capital.

  • Financial support includes:
    • Grant
    • Equity
    • Convertible Debt
    • Loan
  • Non-financial support includes:
    • Strategy and Operations Consulting
    • Capability Development
    • Access to Networks
    • Professional Services (e.g. Accounting, Legal)
    • Marketing and Communications

4. What do I need to do to list a Deal?

  • DSP is a Member-Only portal so only deals endorsed by AVPN members will be listed.
  • Please fill out the submission form for AVPN to process the listing. Either AVPN member or the Social Purpose Organisation can submit the form.
  • Please refer to this sample deal in your preparation for the submission. This sample deal guides you in structuring your project for maximum effectiveness.
  • You can also contact the AVPN team at with specific questions on how to get started.

5. Who can see my posted Deals?

The landing page is open to the public to give SPO’s visibility to as many people as possible and to provide a sneak preview of the projects AVPN members are active in to attract additional interest for AVPN and our members.  However, since DSP is a Member-Only platform, only AVPN members will be able to see the full details of the deals and access contact information via the AVPN Connector.

6. How will we be notified when there is interest in a deal?

The default communications method is via the AVPN Connector. When a member wishes to connect about a posted deal they can reach out to the supporting member and/or the SPO through the Connector. An email notification will then be sent directly to the supporting member. AVPN will also help connect members to SPOs through our activities.

7. Typically how long are the projects listed?

Unless otherwise specified, Deals will be listed until the round of funding closes or non-financial support has been met. Please notify AVPN when this has been accomplished and we will move this to ‘Past Deals’ section.