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  • Gramin Vikas Vigyan Samiti (GRAVIS)

    Access to Water and Health in the Thar Desert, India (AWHT)

    Aims on holistic development of the Thar Desert Communities by enhancing access to safe drinking water and healthcare.

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  • Doh Eain ("Our Home")

    Renovation Projects in Downtown Yangon

    Renovating and conserving heritage spaces in downtown Yangon owned by local residents to improve the living conditions.

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  • Yaowawit School

    Yaowawit School Kapong

    Yaowawit School Kapong is a safe haven for orphaned, neglected and abused children. It pledges to provide excellent life skills education, helping children to become open-minded, confident, caring, and happy human beings.

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  • Spacewalk Inc.

    Affordable Housing

    Expanding the affordable housing in Vietnam where the housing demand is rapidly increasing.

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  • Socialgiver


    A technology platform that is revolutionizing fundraising and lifestyle by connecting consumers, leading brands, and social projects in a new way to ‘create shared value’ – providing win-win-win solutions for all while simultaneously multiplying social impact.

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  • This Life Cambodia

    This Life in Community

    This Life in Community’s goal is to enlist community support rather than institutional care for children and families who are at risk of being separated primarily due to family members being imprisoned.

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  • HK Recycles Limited

    HK Recycles Limited

    HK Recycles Limited recognises the environmental importance of recycling and assists both corporate and residential customers to properly recycle their waste, via a full-service recycling pick-up service.

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  • Bridge Institute

    Kashmir Fellowship 2017

    The Kashmir Fellowship programme aims to open Kashmir to the global economy by enhancing critical sectors of Kashmir – the horticulture and dairy sectors – which affect the majority of Kashmiris.

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  • Magnetic Motors

    Magnetic Motors

    Magnetic Motors strives to create a Revolutionary extra-efficient Motor providing inexpensive motor technology. The motor would provide free power to the motor industry and poorer communities as well as substantially lowering electricity bills.

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  • Hourvillage Pte Ltd


    Hourvillage is a social marketplace for skills and services that runs on time, not money. Hourvillage is for individuals, corporations, and community builders. This mobile app makes skills and services exchange possible as one hour of any service provided on…

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  • Build Change Philippines

    Resilient Homes for Informal Settlers in Metro Manila

    The Resilient Homes for Informal Settlers in Metro Manila project will help informal settlers become more resilient to the effects of climate-induced disasters by strengthening their existing houses before disasters through retrofitting.

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  • VolunteerNow


    VolunteerNow is looking to create a platform hosting Voluntary opportunities and CSR collaboration in India.

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