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  • Xynteo

    Rural Growth Coalition

    This digital platform aims to provide better health, better farming, better finance, digital literacy/education and women empowerment to 100 million rural people across South East Asia by 2025.

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  • Global Centre of Research and Engagement (GCORE)

    GCORE Field Connect

    GCORE’s vision is to improve the lives of researchers and humanitarians who work ‘on the field’ by connecting, preparing and protecting the community and facilitating excellent research.

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  • Magnetic Motors

    Magnetic Motors

    Magnetic Motors strives to create a Revolutionary extra-efficient Motor providing inexpensive motor technology. The motor would provide free power to the motor industry and poorer communities as well as substantially lowering electricity bills.

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  • One Earth Designs

    SolSource Solar Grill

    One Earth Designs creates and sells household energy products to revolutionize global energy self-sufficiency through custom technologies that harness sunlight to provide solar cooking, heating, electricity generation, and water purification.

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  • The Pioneer Facility

    The Pioneer Facility

    The Pioneer Facility provides affordable working capital for social enterprises producing and distributing sustainable energy, clean water, and sanitation solutions to low-income populations in Africa and Asia.

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