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  • PushPullGive

    Empower youths through fitness

    PushPullGive improves the life of disadvantaged youths in Singapore through fitness activities that we conduct for the public. This leads to inclusion of youths and provides employment opportunities.

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  • iPRIMED Education Solutions Pvt Ltd.

    iPRIMED Athena English

    Learners play a game (similar to candy Crush) where every game is based on a movie clip around which they do LSRW. Mapped to the CEFR scale. British Council assessment is in the works.

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  • Teach For Thailand

    Teach For Thailand

    Teach For Thailand works to develop collective leadership in Thailand to ensure all children will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education that enables them to shape their own destiny.

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  • Indian School of Development Management (ISDM)

    Post Graduate Programme in Development Leadership

    ISDM will be an anchor institution which will catalyse the creation of an entire ecosystem, building existing leadership capacity in the sector and attracting bright young talent to study development management and transition into this space.

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  • The Internet Education and Research Laboratory (intERLab)

    SMART Rural Schools

    The SMART Rural Schools project aims to introduce Internet technology in remote rural schools in Thailand, empowering students with new technology which they can utilise at home and for the benefit of community businesses.

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  • Edible Garden City Pte Ltd

    Citizen Farm

    Citizen Farm is building a closed-loop urban farming model by operating a combination of growing systems to produce crops for sale and adopts a circular economy model – absorbing food waste.

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  • JITA Social Business Bangladesh Ltd.


    JITA’s mission is to create a sustainable and viable distribution model, where Bangladeshi women are engaged at every level of the supply chain – as distributors, producers and entrepreneurs.

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  • Living Blue

    Living blue

    Living Blue creates employment opportunities by Employing artisans and farmers in Bangladesh to develop and sell high quality products using locally cultivated indigo leaves.

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  • Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti

    Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti

    Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti promotes the education of women with children and seeks to narrow down the digital gap by equipping women with computer literacy skills.

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  • Our Better World

    Stories for Impact

    Leverages technology to tell stories of people doing good in Asia, building a global community inspired to take action and impact more lives.

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  • Socialgiver


    A technology platform that is revolutionizing fundraising and lifestyle by connecting consumers, leading brands, and social projects in a new way to ‘create shared value’ – providing win-win-win solutions for all while simultaneously multiplying social impact.

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  • Exceed Worldwide with Exceed Social Enterprises

    Exceed Social Enterprises (ESE)

    ESE and its owner, Exceed Worldwide are utilising a twin-track strategy to scale-up access to Prosthetic & Orthotic (PO) education and services in both the charitable and private sectors.

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