Ecodoe (Ecodoe Widya Candia International Pte Ltd)

Ecodoe is an e-commerce based social Entreprise which focuses in empowering local craftsmen to produce well-designed souvenir and gift. The traction we’ve made are: several top clients (Greenpeace, @america, WWF, UN, Indonesian ministries, Mandiri Bank, Highscope School, etc); GMV USD 104,516 with profit USD 21,782 (20.84% ROI). The social impact from Ecodoe are: 1) 249 craftsmen livelihoods improved. Craftsmen with various raw material specialty in the villages of Cilawu (Garut), Babakan Lebak & Babakan Tengah (Bogor), Keseneng (Wonosobo), Batur (Banjarnegara). 2) 3.8x increase in income of craftsmen by improving the craft design which fits with market needs, additional value to enhance the market’s willingness to pay, and improving distribution platforms by having in term-supply chain.  

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